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Plum and Apricot Growers | Domum Agrum Ltd

Our Domum Agrum Ltd business on Home Farm is situated on the outskirts of Maidstone, near the village of Wateringbury, in a beautiful 35 hectare former family-run apple farm. Acquired by Agriculture Investments in 2016, our vision was to improve and grow the UK’s apricot production, alongside pioneering the UK’s offering of red flesh plums which are a consumer favourite from South Africa.

Our Story

Although we only began in 2016, we already have the single biggest apricot production block in the UK, and are the only commercial red flesh plum farm.  As one of the leading UK stone fruit growers, we take pride in the sustainable and innovative techniques we use to enable our crops to grow as healthy and efficiently as possible.

We have ten  different varieties of apricots in our apricot production on the farm, spanning over 15 hectares, as well as 8 different varieties of plum across 9 hectares. Alongside our apricot and plum production, you’ll also find four hectares of cherries which were already growing and thriving on the farm.  To help our plums thrive, we have adopted the South African Palmet Trellace growing system, which is very successful in improving the crop’s exposure to sunlight and assisting with the harvest. The south-facing nature of the farm creates optimal growing conditions for our stone fruit, and it is this placement combined with our skilled and passionate teams, and use of innovative growing techniques that have made the fruit production here such a success.

Our fruit farms

What Makes us Sustainable?

On all of our farms, we aim to embrace the natural elements to optimise our crop production. At Home Farm, we have interplanted different varieties of grass species in between the lines of crops to attract pollinators, and we also actively encourage natural hedgerows which act as a windbreak and protect the crops. In addition to this, we have created ‘bug hotels’ within the hedgerows to aid with the overwintering of beneficial insects.

Red Tractor 146196 and Leaf 1188254 accredited

Meet the Team

We have a team working on the apricots and plums which comprises of 2 full time members year round which grows to 22 during the harvest season

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