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Our Fruit Farms | Agriculture Investments

With our fruit farms, we support our passionate team to make a difference in the farming industry. We operate successful and innovative farms both in the UK and with our partners overseas. We ensure that our fruit production aligns with our aims to provide our customers with the best possible choice of fresh, healthy and sustainably grown produce throughout the year.

Berry Farming Ltd

At Wicks Farm, we’re already blessed with abundant levels of south coast sunlight, but we’re going further with a new innovative berry growing system. Our fruit farm uses vertical hydroponic strawberry production, yielding 5 times more berries per unit area meaning we only use 20% of the land to produce the same amount of fruit compared to the ‘table top’ growing method. We also aim to  change the sustainability of berry growing through extending the UK growing season into the early spring and late autumn using LED lights, also saving on food miles associated with imports in the process.

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Domum Agrum Ltd

Domum Agrum is located at our south-facing Home Farm in Wateringbury. Our aim is to improve the quality, consistency and availability of locally grown UK apricots and plums. We have successfully used our global expertise in genetics and growing techniques to introduce new varieties and significant innovation into our fruit farms and out to the UK market. Because of this, Domum Agrum now has the largest apricot planting in the UK, and the only commercial red flesh plum planting.

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Rudford Farm Ltd

At Rudford Farm, we are responsible for a substantial percentage of the UK’s organic apple production in what we believe are optimal farming locations in three separate locations across Gloucestershire; Rudford Farm, Colliers Elm Farm and Fosbury farm. We bring together both contemporary growing techniques and the best apple varieties to ensure the best quality fruit production, so only the best quality fruit reaches our farm’s customers.

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Capricot Ltd

Capricot is a joint Venture between Agriculture Investments (UK ) and Stems ( RSA ) in the Western Cape in South Africa. This collaboration is born out of a very long relationship between dps and Stems based on the importation of primarily stonefruit to the UK market. The aim of the joint venture is to change RSA apricot fruit production by both lengthening the season and improving the varieties available. We’ve already made significant farming investments across the region and have introduced new varieties, with the first fruit due to be exported to the UK in the winter of 2023.

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Rio Alara

Rio Alara is the most recent addition to the Agriculture Investments family. dps has procured late season cherries from the Rio Alara business for nearly a decade and when the opportunity came for the group to work more closely with Rio Alara, there was no hesitation. As well as securing supply of the best South American cherries, we also hope to expand the cropping area available and potentially lengthen the season.

Our Locations

UK Farms

Rudford Farm & Fosbury Farm
Organic UK Top Fruit Farms

Home Farm
UK Stone Fruit Farm

Wicks Farm
Innovative berry growing system in West Sussex


South Africa

Apricot joint venture in South Africa (Western Cape)

Rio Alara

Rio Alara

Rio Alara cherry farm is the most recent addition to our farming family.