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Become a Fruit Picker | Agriculture Investments

Could a fruit picking job be for you? Every season we require a substantial team of skilled workers to get our harvest in and prepare for the next season. It’s hard work, of course, but there are opportunities to earn competitive bonuses and be part of a friendly, motivated team of berry workers. And we offer accommodation and transport on site.

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What We do

As with any job involving the growing and picking of fruit, the work is seasonal and weather dependent. A good level of physical fitness is required so we are looking for self-motivated team-members who are comfortable with working outdoors.

How We Pay You

As one of our harvest workers or berry pickers, we’ll make payments directly into your bank account every fortnight. Our farming vacancies have competitive rates of pay, even after tax deductions and national insurance. If required, we also provide accommodation and transport.


Whether you are a berry picker or a harvest worker, we will make sure to provide a full induction and training in the range of tasks required, including packing, driving and operating equipment. Most importantly, we will make sure that you will be fully trained in Health and Safety before you start any work with us!