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Apple Grower | Rudford Farm ltd

Rudford Farm Ltd consists of three separate farming units which are managed centrally by one experienced team. On these farms, our prime focus is to be one of the most successful organic apple growers in the UK. Our 37 hectares of organic apple crop over the stretch of the three farms is already paving the way forward in organic apple farming.

Rudford Farm

Rudford Farm was formerly an arable farm, but it is now a 16 hectare farm with 14 hectares of organic apples. We grow an array of different varieties of apple here including the popular Gala, Santana, Discovery and Scrumptious. As with all our farms, we use natural boundary hedges to protect our organic apples from conventional farming. We also interplant all of our farm orchards with flowering species such as red and white clover, birds foot trefoil and oxeye daisy to host beneficial pollinator and natural predator species.

Colliers Elm Farm

Colliers Elm Farm is one of the newest farms to join Rudford Farm Ltd’s family. Only 3 miles away from Rudford Farm, Colliers Elm Farm is only 7 hectares in size, but has six hectares full of organic apple crop including the different¬† varieties of Pirouette, Gala and Natyra. Colliers Elm Farm has the benefit of extra wide field margins and dedicated biodiversity areas with wildflowers and / or winter birdseed mixes as a result of planting the orchards completely from scratch with consideration for sustainability and conservation. Having planted the orchard in 2021, we had the first crop in 2022 which turned out to be a better one than we anticipated. Hopefully this is a positive sign for things to come.

Fosbury Fruit Farm

Fosbury Fruit Farm is around nine miles away from Rudford Farm, and is the largest of the three farms with 21 hectares of farmland, 17 of which are filled with organic apple crops including Scrumptious, Natyra, Pirouette and Red Topaz. Due to Fosbury Fruit Farm being such a large apple producer, we have coldstores onsite for up to 1200 bins, allowing the storage of the apples post harvest before the market requires them.

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Meet the team

We have one team that manages the farm, consisting of 4 full time staff members and 25 seasonal workers during the harvest period.

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